FIP Explained and Updated; Conversation About New Stokes Pharmacy Med


The story of feline infectious peritonitis has always been a complicated one. The good news is that greatly as a result of funding from the non-profit Winn Feline Foundation (now EveryCat Health Foundation), and support from Zen by Cat and so many others around the world, today we know how this complex disease forms in cats in the first place, how to diagnose (though even today sometimes this disease remains under-diagnosed or overdiagnosed), and today there aare antiviral drugs to successfully treat what was once a fatal disease occurring mostly in young cats. And the drug Remdesivir became available for human use for COVID-19 as a result of FIP studies and treatment.

Still, for various reasons that treatment for FIP was unavailable in the United States (though it was first studied here, and the pharmaceuticals were U.S. based), Chinese black-market providers on the dark web swept in to fill the void, and to their credit saved countless kitten lives. However, that system was fraught with numerous problems.

Now – a new twist, a compounded medication from Stokes Pharmacy. Here is the first public interview with Michael Tursi, owner and CEO of Stokes Pharmacy. Also a deep FIP dive with experts, Dr. Thayer, past President and Executive Director of the Winn Feline Foundation and co-author of American Association of Feline Practitioners /EveryCat Health Foundation FIP Guidelines and Dr. Petra Cerna, small animal Internal Medicine resident at Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine with a multitude of degrees.