Fire Damages Philadelphia Pet Store: Not a Single Animal Killed


A passerby – ironically walking his dog – noticed smoke billowing from the World Wide Aquarium and Pet Center in Philadelphia’s Tacony section at about 4:30 am on Sunday, May 23.

While a sprinkler system helped to maintain the fire itself, until the fire department arrived – heavy smoke filled the pet store. Video of firefighters carrying out dogs, cats and assorted other animals is pretty dramatic. Heroic firefighters, nothing new – in my opinion.

Birds, in particular, are susceptible to smoke – yet not a single bird, dog, cat, ferret or even reptile succumbed. The local SPCA and employees of the pet store are caring for the pets, for now, adding up to over 100 animals.

While I’m no fan of dogs and cats sold at pet stores – of course, no one could want anything to happen to them.