Firefighter Saves Kitten's Life


Don’t tell me that people in Muslim nations don’t care about pets.  Here’s proof – this video of a firefighter giving life-saving CPR to a kitten after rescuing it from a drain.

The approximately three-week old kitty was trapped under some wooden boards outside a house in Nilai, Malaysia, when the homeowner reached out for help.

Station Operating Officer Mohd Syazwan Saidy said a 51-year-old man came into the station to inform the crew that he had seen the kitten trapped inside the drain. He indicated that the kitten was believed to have been stuck there for more than 24 hours.

It took 30 minutes for the first responders to rescue to rescue the kitten from the drain, but the traumatized kitten stopped breathing.  So the team administered CPR on the tiny kitten, and din’t give up.  Finally, the kitty coughed and started to breath. The kitten was rushed to a veterinary clinic, and reportedly doing well. The man who originally sighted the kitten said he’ll likely adopt,