Flaco the Peeping Tom Owl


Hooos that? If you live in New York City, it might be Flaco the “peeping Tom owl.” The formidable Eurasian Eagle Owl escaped the Central Park Zoo nearly a year ago. It’s not a real “whoo-done-it” as police know vandals let the owl out. The problem has been getting him back in. After initial efforts failed, officials suspicions proved correct – Flaco’s instincts have long taken over, and he’s been a one-owl rat control in Central Park. Owls hunt at night when the rats are out. So, it’s less likely he’s taken any daytime critters like squirrels or chipmunks. Although, Flaco is large and strong enough to take down a cat. Flaco appears as healthy as can be – so he’s clearly been eating well.

Bird-watchers are fascinated, keeping track of his whereabouts. Some tourists have even traveled to the Big Apple, not for a Broadway show but to see Flaco.

Flaco is equally curious, perching on window ledges and peering into apartments and condos. He’s accustomed to humans, even interested in their activities. The hope is that people don’t attempt to feed him, and just let him be – though we do give a hoot. And in a few minutes, like Hoo-Dini, he’s gone. Owls are actually silent fliers, which is one reason he’s not heard approaching the window ledges, surprising people.