Flea Talk with Dr. Flea, Dr. Michael Dryden


Dr. Michael Dryden

He’s known as “Dr. Flea,” veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden, distinguished professor emeritus Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine,  says people who believe that “in my climate” fleas are inevitable as just wrong. It’s a matter of purchasing the right product, he notes on the national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. He adds that today’s products are safe to protect dogs and cats with “remarkable benefit.” Although, he does say that the reality is that fleas are ubiquitous in the environment, from Florida to Chicago to Kansas.

The new products, he says, offer a quick flea kill, which benefits not only dogs and cats but humans too. Note: products may be for dogs only or for cats only. Fleas are the only losers. And Dryden says he doesn’t feel sorry for the blood-sucking parasites.

What about the benefit of “all natural” products? The problem is that effectiveness may not be even 60 percent kill; Dryden says because fleas reproduce so efficiently product effectiveness needs to be near 100 percent.

Which is best a topical product or oral (chewable) medication or topical medication?