Fleas Are A Problem for Cats, Too


Fleas! Yuck. And if you ignore the reality—whether you live in Chicago, Chattanooga, Charleston, or anywhere else, you may have a problem for your dog or even your cat. Yes, cats are just as susceptible to flea bite issues as dogs, according to veterinary dermatologist Dr. Eva Schmidt, whom I speak with HERE on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show.

Here’s a shocker: It’s no wonder cats get bitten. It’s actually the cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) that is most responsible for flea bites in dogs and cats.

Dr. Eva Schmidt

Of course, Schmidt agrees that outdoor and indoor/outdoor cats require flea protection, that’s almost common sense (one would hope, but so many people don’t protect). She explains, though, that indoor-only cats may even be susceptible as we can bring in a flea or flea eggs in many ways. And, definitely if there’s a patio, a flea or two may find its way to an unprotected cat.

Schmidt says what commonly happens is that people only protect during “flea season.” But indoors, flea season is often year round.

I agree with Schmidt about consulting with a veterinary professional about choosing the right product for your pet and your pets’ lifestyle. And, all this is important because fleas can spread disease to cats and to people as well.