For Cats: Wet Food or Dry Food?


Dr .Donna Raditic

It’s one of those questions which cat parents and even veterinary professionals have debated for years: Wet food or dry food? Veterinary nutritionist Dr. Donna Raditic says “do both.”  Boarded in nutrition she is an undisputed expert on animal nutrition. I am not. However, I have been saying for years identally what Dr. Raditic says here. She explains in detail on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show why she says “do both” wet food and dry food.

She also talks about how to feed cats, how to use food puzzles and why encouraging cats’ to use their hard-wired prey drive is SO important.

She also explains how to weigh out dry food.

We agree that at least one nutritionist should be working for whatever pet food company you choose, a PhD animal nutritionist or veterinary nutritionist. It’s surprising how many companies don’t have one of those folks employed.