For the Love of Dog, Pilley Bianchi


Pilley Bianchi knows a thing or two about teaching dogs, as a dog she and her dad, the late John Pilley taught named Chaser knew arguably more than any other dog ever. As a retired professor Emeritus of Psychology, the late John Pilley taught Chaser the Border Collie the names of over 1022 toys. She also learned hundreds of additional words, including names of people . Since then, she has been dubbed “the smartest dog in the world.”

Pilley Bianchi talks HERE on Steve Dale’s PetWorld, WGN Radio, offering tips on how to teach dogs.

Pilley’s just authored For the LOVE of DOG: The Ultimate Relationship Guide, with illustrations by Calum Heath.

Pilley says dogs can learn far more than we give them the opportunity, and the secret is to make it fun using play as the reward. Training dogs with force can teach dogs, but it’s not fun and if even humane (which is not likely via force training); the dogs won’t learn what they are capable of. They won’t want to learn and may not even want to even be with you.

Also, the more dogs do learn the more they can learn.

Chaser even eavesdropped on human conversations, clearly understanding more than even John Pilley ever would have imagined.

Also, discussed is what dogs are capable of – do we even know the answers?

Dogs are always communicating with us, asking us questions, and telling us what they seek. “Are we smart enough to understand what they’re saving?” she asks. And they’re brilliant at reading our body language, and picking up on our emotions. In part, this could be because we literally have evolved with dogs.

If she could communicate any one message to dog parents – what would that be?

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