Free Free: From ‘Hell-Care’ to Health Care


Dr. Marty Becker

Fear Free has changed the face of veterinary medicine and has impacted dog training, animal sheltering and even pet sitting. Here’s a 2-part conversation with the Fear Free founder Dr. Marty Becker from the national Steve Dale’s Pet World national radio show.

Fear Free is paying attention to and supporting the emotional well-being of animals. And Dr. Becker’s goal was to change “hell-care” into health care. Pets can’t anticipate what is about to happen to them and they can’t flee. And there’s something we can do and must do for pets so they don’t feel fear, anxiety and stress during the exam, or even on their way to the vet clinic. And pet parents don’t want to feel they’re hurting their pet by trying to help. You can have a pet that actually doesn’t mind the veterinary visit, or even enjoys the experience.

Dr. Beckers discusses a free resource for pet parents,

Part 2 with Dr. Becker: