Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control Honors Seve Dale


There are many reasons why this honor from Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control means so much to me….while I’ve been bestowed many awards/honors, this comes from Chicago, my city….a select few know what I did do for Chicago Animal Care & Control, which I am as proud as anything I’ve done in my career.  Things are far from perfect there – but SO much better today. And never think that people there aren’t trying, and don’t truly care. I KNOW how much they care.  So, let’s find a way to help….and money raised as a result of Big Night does exactly that.

A dear friend, Dr. Sheldon Rubin introduced me. So, nice. I was honored by that alone…

Many friends came….many WGN listeners….so if I attempted to name people, i’d miss too many. One person I do have to point out is my oldest pal who knew me before I was born, Paul Lisnek of WGN-TV and CLTV. The room was filled with a who’s who of those who walk the walk in animal welfare.

However, for me, at the top of list, the opportunity to share the night with my sister, brother-in-law, my wife Robin and for this one, my mom, as I wore my dad’s ring, I felt he was thee with me.

With gratitude – it was a wonderful evening, and here are some highlights.