Frisbee Disc Competition, Why No Cat Statues, Dog Flu That is Not Flu, Rhino Bowling, and More


I talk about the dog statues on Michigan Avenue on WGN Radio’s Steve Dale’s Pet World. Check out the podcast HERE as I chat about the 54-inch-tall fiberglass dog statues of “police dogs,” which are a part of the K9s for Cops campaign to pay tribute to the canine unit, honor fallen Chicago police officers, and provide financial assistance to families of those wounded or killed in the line of duty. Also, this effort raises money to support the spay and neuter program offered by PAWS Chicago. But I asked newsman Mr. Dave Swhwanee: “Where are the cats? I want cat statues on Michigan Avenue!” In my opinion, cats will make the Magnificent Mile even more magnificent.

I am so excited, because the Windy Kitty Cat Café & Lounge is happening, and the cats there will not be stressed out. That’s because there will be an abundance of Feliway and Feliway MultiCat diffusers plugged in.

CEVA Animal Health, which manufactures the pheromone product, made two substantial donations to the Windy Kitty Cat Café and Lounge. The first is cash. This generous boost combined with a bit more help from all of you will allow for the opening of the café to occur sooner rather than later. The second CEVA gift is its product, which the café can use to help cats enjoy their surroundings and one another. Also, if there’s an accident, clean up will be odor-free with Urine-Away. Read more about it! 

Chuck Middleton, a champion in the world of frisbee disc competition, talks about the 2017 Ashley Whippet K-9 Frisbee World Championships on September 2 and 3 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Nike Park in Naperville (Mill Street at Diehl Road). This truly is a world’s championship event with some of the best dogs on the planet participating.

Middleton explains that participating in an event like this, even if the dog is not a world pro, can save a dog’s life. Many dogs land in shelters because they simply don’t have a job or a mental and physical outlet for their energy.

On Saturday, the event is open to beginners. If you’re interested, contact Tom Wehrli at 630-913-5933 or check this site out for more information.

What’s going on in Montana? It looks like dog flu, but experts are pretty sure that it’s not. So, what is it? And can it spread elsewhere?

Are we over-vaccinating our pets? A topic that’s come up a lot lately.

It’s said that there’s a podcast about everything, but this might be the first podcast in the history of podcasts that describes the five remaining rhinoceros species in detail and is all about what you can do to help the plight of these beleaguered species by Bowling for Rhinos. 

The Lincoln Park Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers Bowling for Rhinos is Tuesday, August 15, at 6 p.m. CDT, at Diversey River Bowl, 2211 West Diversey Parkway (at Logan Boulevard). You can bowl or just hang out, and visit with a room filled with animal lovers. Pizza is included, and amazing items, including trips to Africa, are up for auction. Learn more about the event HERE.