From Training Elephants to Training Dogs on WGN Radio

Visting Kanta elephant sancutary


Returning from Thailand, on my Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio radio show, HEAR how it was to visit Kanta Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand. I offer tips on visiting elephant sanctuaries in Thailand, and describe a bit about how they’re not all the same. In Thailand, those who work with elephants and training elephants consider that there are wild elephants but also “domestic” elephants, which I explain. I explain why people who visit elephants wear a “uniform” provided by the sanctuary.

I also talk briefly how dogs and cats are perceived in Thailand. And it’s not so simple.

We finally did adopt Quirky. It took a while – though not sure why, Quirky took so long find a home for.

Speaking with veterinary behaviorist Dr. John Ciribassi and Steven Frost for A Sound Beginning. Image by Gail Diedrichsen

Dog trainer Steve Frost talks about what force free dog training is all about. And I explain a bit about what the Fear Free initiative is. We talk about why dog training classes are a good idea for any dog of any age adopted.

I take several texts, which Frost answers.