Game Changer for Treating Cats in Pain


Dr.Richard Goldstein

There’s no question that cats feel pain, very much as dogs do or we do. The difference is that they rarely tell us they’re hurting, most often with arthritis, as Dr. Richard Goldstein, who is Chief Medical Officer Global Diagnostics at Zoetis explains on Steve Dale’s Pet World national radio show.

First step – recognize pain in cats (which may be easier said than done – but here are some tips).

Second step – do something about that pain. There’s been limited effective options for all sorts of reasons – now, before the end of the year or into early next year there is a ground-breaking solution!

This new treatment for arthritis in cats is called Solensia, a monoclonal antibody, which Dr. Goldstein explains what that means.

This is a great day for cats – game changing, as quality of life and potentially length of life will be vastly improved for so many cats.