Getting Out And About with Dogs As Weather Warms


Finally, it seems winter has ended. Finally. It’s taken long enough. I spoke HERE on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show with Dr. Kurt Venator, chief medical officer at Purina about how to acclimate dogs to getting back outdoors.

with Dr. Kurt Venator

Insure your pet is health first and foremost. We talked about preventive care, and check ups and why they DO matter. Doing blood work to check for tick diseases and heartworm – this is when you do it. And we talk about why.

If you like running with your dog – begin slow. You may have been going on the treadmill, but not your dog.

If the pet is exercising more – do we feed our dogs more? Dr. Venator explains that we KNOW leaner dogs live longer and healthier lives – feeding them to ideal body condition.