Getting Pets to Vets


Reducing anxiety of veterinary visits is a huge issue these days in veterinary medicine….One super program to look for as a cat owner are Cat Friendly Practices from the American Association of Feline Practitioners. 

Another, on it’s way, is a initiative referred to as Fear Free.

However, even more important is getting the pets there in the first place without distress….If pets don’t make it to the clinic because they are too stressed, or their people are too stressed out to bring them – nothing else matters.  And this is a topic which veterinary behaviorist Dr. Theresa DePorter and I working on, Getting Pets to Vets.

How anxious are the pets before the visit? How to pet owners and professionals communicate to describe that anxiety? Data suggests that cat owners themselves (never mind their cats) get stressed out just thinking about vet visits. That should not be – and Dr. DePorter and I are doing something about it, debuting a series of talks at Midwest Veterinary Conference (we speak on Saturday February 27 on this, and I also speak on February 26 on other topics).