Gino Vannelli Doesn’t Want to Stop


Listen HERE to my non-pet program on WGN Radio, Steve Dale’s Other World, conversation with the great Gino Vannelli.

In 2007 he didn’t have an audience with the Pope, but instead the Pope was his audience. He tells that incredible story.  He explains why the Pope was personally turned on to one of his songs in the first place.

Lots of hit records and major awards for Vannelli but he explains how that was a mixed blessing as he points out that “art and commerce are always serving a lover’s quarrel with one another.” He felt good that he never “sold out,” though he also has had lots of commercial success. He turned down some tunes that turned out to be big hits for other artists.

Herb Alpert discovered Vannelli but that’s because he broke into A&M records – and he tells that story.

He comes to Chicago the day before his birthday, at the DesPlaines Theater, 1476 Minor Street. Learn more Here.