Give Your Dog a Valentine, A Pacemaker


Pacemakers can offer hope to dogs with heart disease. It’s amazing, read that sentence 20 years ago and people would have laughed – on two accounts.

First, it’s crazy that such a thing could occur, pacemakers for dogs – just a wacky idea that would or could never happen.

Second, even if it were possible – back then, most people thought, why would you?

Why would you spend thousands on surgery for an older dog to implant a pacemaker? Today, fact is, most dog owners who could afford it would do it.

Thing is many can’t afford the $2,000 to $4,000 minimum price tag. This is why I am a proponent of pet insurance. With pet insurance, the cost is shared.

Cutting edge veterinary medicine, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, it’s amazing what they can do. And now, owners are willing. The cost is a bargain, the same exact procedure for people using the same sort of pacemaker, literally 10 times the cost. Still, a few thousand is beyond what some dog owners can afford, at least not without help.