Good Stuff Pet Truck Comes to Chicago


I began this Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show talking about the annual Winn Feline Symposium with Dr. Niels Pedersen. The legendary veterinarian will speak about a drug that might finally cure cats of  feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) on June 29 at the Fairmont Chicago (200 N. Columbus Dr.). Yes, cure may be too strong a word, but he certainly believes he’s on to something. Veterinary professionals receive continuing education credits for attending. The public is also invited. If you love cats, you may want to have the opportunity to meet Pedersen and hear about FIP. Proceeds benefit the Winn Feline Foundation. The symposium is $35. You can register HERE.

Also, HEAR my conversation on WGN Radio with Susan Gingrich on FIP. 

Read more about FIP here and more on Pedersen and the drugs he is studying.

Good Stuff Pet Truck is coming to Chicago! That means good stuff for you from Supreme Source Dog Food and Artisan Inspired treats. The truck will be at Mondog (Montrose) Dog Beach on Wednesday, June 28, from 5 to 6 p.m. I will give you free swag and free advice, and, of course, your pup gets a free swim in Lake Michigan.

Courtney O’Connor talks a bit about nutrition, and also how to motivate dogs with treats (spoiler alert: use positive reinforcement dog training!). Courtney was a school teacher, and says the same idea works for children.

Check this out to learn more about Good Stuff Pet Truck’s travels.