Gov. Pat Quinn Signs Dogfighting Law with a Bite


Dogfighting has been a felony in Illinois for some time, and it’s now a felony is all 50 states. Yet, somehow, when dog fights occur near day care centers, schools or playgrounds – the activity strikes me as even more horrifying.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart at the dogfighting bust in Maywood in 2009. He liked the idea of dogfghting near day care centers, schools or playgrounds being an enhanced felony, and his office help make this law happen.

Children are forced to witness the violence of dogfighting (and the other crimes which law enforcement says always accompany) is not only dangerous but detrimental to their welfare and the community’s. Over time, these children do become desensitized to violence, and are more likely to incur violent crimes to people.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signing into law HB 5790, sponsored by Rep. Karen Yarbrough of Maywood, Il and written by Best Friends Animal Society.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (was to fist Governor in the U.S.) to sign a law which enhances or expands the felony of dogfighithing, when the event takes place near a day care center, school or playground.  

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