Great Blog Post On Pit Bulls


In her blog, an Insider’s Guide to Urban Life, Mary Margaret McSweene writes that she is attacked each morning by a dog. Her dog Jake, a Pit Bull mix, attacks her with kisses. It’s what many devoted dogs do, whether they are Labrador’s or Pit Bulls.

To a great extent, I owe Michael Vick a huge debt of gratitude. Many of us were struggling for years to attempt to communicate that when it comes to dogfighters and also gang members using Pittie-type dogs, that the dogs are actually the victims. Once Vick’s horrific hobby was made public, people instantly began to understand. People are the problem here, not the dogs.

After years of speaking with public officials – even those who want breed bans – I know  many secretly understand this – but they are helpless themselves about dealing with the societal issues having to do with people. It’s easier and more expedient to target blame on the dogs. Of course, it’s strictly a tail jerk reaction.

Say what you want about Chicago Aldermen…I know, I’ve been there in the trenches – at least the majority want to do the right thing when it comes to companion animals. 

For example, on being pushed to agree to mandatory spay/neuter, despite pressure from lobbyists, promises of dollars, and even an appearance by Bob Barker our aldermen instead followed the lead of experts and listened to the public. Now, my hope is that some will pay attention to what’s going on under their own noses at ‘the City Pound.’ It’s up to you to speak up and speak out. 

Back to the Pit Bull issue. Thee are communities that still don’t get it. For those who have breed bans – I believe our courts could and should rescind Pit Bull bans as unconstitutional.

The answers? I don’t claim to have answers concerning our society, gang warfare, etc. I do believe in fair but strong dangerous dog laws, but laws should apply to all dogs – from Pomeranian to Poodle to Pit Bull. (If what you think is a Pit Bull is really one in the first place).