Great Hamster Roundup In Hong Kong Is Outrageous


Call it the great hamster round-up, as thousands are being culled (killed) in Hong Kong, as ordered by the government. This ridiculous endeavor began after 11 hamsters and two or three employees at a pet store in the city reportedly tested positive for COVID-19, raising concerns about the pet rodents acting as a potential reservoir for the Delta variant of the coronavirus, even spreading panic is some quarters from those who own small animals.

While it’s true that hamsters (and a long list of other species) may get the Delta variant of the coronavirus, there is NO evidence of transmission of the coronavirus back into humans from hamsters or any companion pet.

There’s also, so far, no evidence that hamsters can even be infected at all by the increasingly dominant Omicron variant.

IF hamsters do become infected with any variant of the SARS CoV-2, the solution could be easy enough. Instead of killing the defenseless animals how about just wearing a mask when interacting with them and then wash hands, Hamsters are only infectious – if at all – for a few days. Aside from feeding them, for two to three days, why not just avoid direct contact?

The good news is that some informed and humane citizens in Hong Kong are challenging government officials and stepping up to rescue the small animals who in actuality have nothing to do with the spread of the pandemic.