Haiti's Animals Now Receiving Attention


American Humane, the dual mission is to support animal and child welfare since 1877, positioning AH as the perfect responder for Haiti.

That’s because the need is SO great. American Humane is famous for building partnerships. AH created a coalition of animal welfare groups just after the earthquake, Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH). American Humane is also involved with finding ways to help the children in Haiti. Although, as Sonia Valazquez, president Children’s Division, AH points out, what may seem right for the orphaned children at first impulse might not prove the best in the long-run. Foreign adoption might or might not be the right answer

As for pets, there were relatively few in Haiti. The relief for animals is most concerned with ‘community dogs’ loosely owned or stray dogs and cats; as well as for livestock (which has great value). Many of these animals are aimlessly searching for scraps, starving and injured. Prevention of disease transmission to people is paramount. American Humane is now on the ground in Haiti. The AH website will offer updates, and I will too. Like all the organizations involved, American Humane can use your help.