Halloween Pet Safety, Cubs, Stray Cats on WGN Radio


It begins on Steve Dale’s Pet World with the Chicago Cubs chances, as you can listen HERE for my discussion with newsman Schwanee about a text from a pal, Craig, I received indicating there’s still a shot. After all, if other teams can come back from being three down, why not the Cubs.

Donal Trump dog

Donal Trump dog

I talk about how some pets are petrified over Halloween, and it doesn’t need to be that way. This website is a great resource.

Here are a few general guidelines for pets anxious about the commotion and change of routine:

  • Be sure pets wear ID tags and are microchipped (and registered with microchip provider), Pets get out the front door too often, and get lost at Halloween.
  • When pets show some anxiety – sometimes happening over several hours of constant door bell ringing, seclude them into a second bedroom, basement or den – and close the door.
    • In that room, pump up the classical music (which may be calming, and may drown out some outside noise).
    • Plug in Adaptil (for dogs) Feliway (for cats), which are pheromone diffusers, naturally lowering stress, and enhance the comfort level. When (based on previous Halloweens) you know that pets will be stressed, add the Adaptil collar for the dog, and do it a day or so before Halloween. Pet expert Steve Dale on Halloween tips for pets and pet owners
    • Give the pets something else to think about – like a treat dispensing toy or food puzzle to work on, or a chewy for a dog.

For pets that will predictably be VERY stressed by the door bell, I say ‘lie a little.’ Post a sign on the door saying “Bell out of order.” And, if you can, keep the door open, and screen door closed – so people won’t even be able to knock.

Here are additional tips regarding Halloween high anxiety for pets. 

What do do about a dog digging in the backyard.

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