Heartfelt Connections Go Both Ways, Pets to People and People to Pets


“Heartfelt Connections: How Animals and People Help One Another” with Dr. Anne Beall on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio.

Rainbow animal assisted activities change lives

Listen HERE to Dr. Beall, as she discusses how animals and people help one another, beginning with a description of Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy based in Chicago, and little and big miracles she witnessed in some of their programs, and how some dogs seem to know exactly what they’re doing to help people to heal.


This sort of work isn’t limited to dogs and cats. For example, Beall talks about Norman the pig. And we even talk about therapy llamas.

Beall also describes the differences between terms, comfort dogs, animal assisted therapy and animal assisted activities.

All the stories of what these animals can do is touching – but where’s the science behind it? Beall explains what she discovered. Among other things, she was surprised to learn how often people’s animals help to comfort them, and/or to feel better about themselves.

We spoke about PALS Place in New York and how PALS Place will be a seven story building all for survivors of domestic violence, so the entire building will be pet friendly.  Urban Resource Institute (URI), a leading provider of domestic violence shelters and services in New York City, and Purina have come together with the city of New York to get this done – meaning that the building will be built.  People need a place like this because human victims won’t typically leave their abuser without all family members, including the pets. Beall says pets bring out the best in us….and by the pet staying in the family, everyone wins!

All animals may be connected to us more than we think, even looking out for us. 

We also talked about Dr. Beall’s rat problem So, she participated with one animal shelter to deal with those rats. Sadly, that cat shelter’s great program to use community or feral cats to deal with rats is pretty much kapput because of various internal issues at the shelter, However,  it motivated Beall to write another book, called “Community Cats.”

Also, mentioned the big time cat convention coming to town, called the Meow Meet Up.