Heartworm Awareness: Double Defense


If there is a season for heartworm, it’s here.

Dr. Michael Paul has an intimate relationship with mosquitoes, who are responsible for everything from Zika in people to heartworm in dogs. Listen HERE from my national Steve Dale’s Pet World as Dr. Paul offers a quick 101 course on mosquitoes.

Dr.Michael Paul

Dr. Michael Paul

Here are some facts:

  • Dogs typically get bitten by mosquitoes more often than people. Not only is that incredibly uncomfortable, it’s also what spreads heartworm.
  • A “Double Defense” is the new protocol to fend off mosquitoes and heartworm.
  • Traditional heartworm preventives, while necessary, are really a treatment (for baby heartworm), they are not a prevention.
  • Mosquitoes may carry nasty pathogens (in people and pets) that haven’t even been discovered.