Help Your Dog Fight Cancer


“Help Your Dog Fight Cancer: Empowerment for Dog Owners, 3rd edition” author Laurie Kaplan talks with me on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World show HERE.

In 2000 when her own dog was diagnosed, cancer was far more likely a death sentence compared to today.

The biggest obstacle may not be potential treatment but instead may be cost of that treatment, and Kaplan offers some ideas on controlling those costs.

Today, in people, oncologists aren’t thinking so much as cure for many types of cancers as they are thinking about treatment, and perhaps over a lifetime. And the same is true for our pets, she says.

Kaplan says adjusting diet is really important, but certainly won’t cure.

Often times Kaplan believes unnecessary diagnostic tests are done. And sometimes we should just say ‘enough is enough,’ and stop treatment because that is the most humane thing we can do. . . though overall, veterinary medicine can do more today than ever before.

Also read about an impressive One Health cancer initiative going on with The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Blue Buffalo.