Hoarding Dogs Outside Chicago


Nearly 40 dogs were rescued from the home in Gelncoe, IL, a greatly posh suburb north of Chicago, mostly of them cocker spaniel mixes. Officials wore hazmat suits to remove the suffering dogs.

Indeed, they were suffering, as five of the dogs had to be euthanized.  All the dogs were reportedly covered with their own feces, and many hair so matted their eyes could not be seen. Veterinarians had to anesthetize most of the dogs just to shave them down.

Dr. Sara Grogman, a veterinarian and owner of Glencoe Animal Hospital, said Glencoe Public Safety officials contacted her Thursday and brought 29 dogs to her facility. Eight dogs were taken to Preiser Animal Hospital in Northbrook, she said.

Those who have been taken care of are being moved to Highland Park’s Tails of Hope Rescue, where they will be cared for until they can be adopted. For some, it may be months before they are ready. Many of the dogs are very shy, skittish as a result of being unsocialized.

Tails of Hope is looking for people to donate supplies and money to help support the dogs during the time it takes to get them all adopted.

Neighbors said dogs could be heard barking, but it did not appear to be more than a couple of dogs, one neighbor said. One neighbor said she had no idea about the dogs and described bursting into tears as she watched the crews remove the animals.

Public records show a woman who recently sold the house is 65 years old and has not been charged with any crimes in connection with the incident.

Tails of Hope has dealt with similar situations for four weeks in a row, involving 90 dogs and causing a huge financial burden, Moyer said. The organization needs donations, as well as volunteers and those willing to foster dogs, and has set up a Gofundme page for the dogs. It will be months before the dogs from Glencoe are ready for adoption.

For more information, contact Tails of Hope at 847-557-9554. Tails is at 1628 Old Deerfield Road in Highland Park.