Homeowner's Insurance Breed Discrimination, With Chuck Goudie


Can you imagine being insured for homeowner’s insurance for years without incident – then you do a very good thing, and adopt or rescue a dog, maybe Rottweiler or pit bull-type dog. You identify the dog to the insurer and then you are summarily dropped from the policy. Or you’re now asked to pay more merely based on the dog you own. The breed which the dog is supposed to be is considered more important that the temperament of the individual dog. Sometimes the breed that is suspected isn’t correct.

Listen HERE to my conversation  Steve Dale’s Pet World (on Sunday, November 17 on WGN Radio with superstar investigative reporter Chuck Goudie from Ch. 7 about his report “Blacklisted Dog Breeds at the Center of Homeowner’s Insurance Dilemma.”

Goudie says he didn’t know this is going on, but increasingly it has been – not only in Illinois but all over the country. And crazy as it sounds, because insurance is regulated state by state, the same insurance company may ban some breeds in some states, and different breeds in other states. How can that be? How can a Doberman, American Staffordshire Terrier or any breed be more dangerous in one state compared to another? It’s ridiculous.

Here’s one of many stories I’ve written over the years on this topic insurance companies unfounded discrimination policies.