Horse-Drawn Carriages No More in Chicago; Beverly Hills Dog Show on WGN Radio


Jodie Wiederkehr of the Chicago Alliance for Animals discusses why the non-profit tells all about the group’s long pursuit to ban horse drawn carriage rides in Chicago on my Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show on WGN. 

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Jodie Wiederkehr 

Wiederkehr  says their goal wasn’t to have people believe them – their goal was to demonstrate the humane ordinance for horses wasn’t being followed, nowhere near. At first, she said most people said “leave the horses alone.” But once it was demonstrated that that rules were so often being broken, the public and ultimately the Aldermen came around. No one wants to see the horses abused.

This is all well and good but the big question is now what happens to the horses? She answers.  And also how are the horses now, as they are not working due to COVID-19?

Here’s the Chicago Alliance for Animals Facebook Page – send a message to get involved regarding horse-drawn carriage rides, or

Hooray for Doggywood

David Frei, John O’Hurley ad friend

David Frei is the Doc Emrick of dog shows. No one calls a dog show like Frei, who is marvelously poetic.

We talk about how Frei was kind of mocked (or satired is much kinder) in the film Best in Show, as Fred Willard played like Frei’s broadcast partner at the time Joe Garagiola and Frei was played by Jim Paddock. How close to life is this movie? Frei wasn’t all that unhappy, because Christopher Guest never poked fun at the dogs.

I asked Frei if Garagiola was his favorite partner of all time. No one turned a phrase like Joe.

Hollywood celebrities came out to see the dogs and Mr Frei, of course – who attracts the likes of Bo Derrick. Some of the best dogs in nation are competing, especially – he explains – among the terriers. Almost 2,000 dogs are entered.

Beverly Hills Dog Show Presented by Purina is May 17, 7 p.m. CT on NBC (taped well before social distancing).  Frei’s current dancing partner is John O’Hurley.

I talk Separation Anxiety on Good Morning America

For more information about prevention, and about products dealing with separation anxiety as we go back to work. Be proactive.