Household Dangers to Pet Birds


Cinco de Mayo was great. But did you know to never serve guacamole and leave the room with a pet parrot unsupervised? Dr. Renee Schmid explains that one bite of guacamole can cause heart failure, and fast.

Dr. Schmid, manager of medicine and professional services and senior veterinary toxicologist at the 24/7 Pet Poison Helpline on the national Steve Dale’s PetWorld radio show on ordinary household dangers for pet birds, many are surprising.

If you use non-stick surfaces, overheating on Teflon or whatever brand of non-stick cooking surface can cause Polytetrafluoroethylene respiratory failure. She says, best bet if you have a pet bird, never use that type of cooking surface. For sure, pet birds don’t belong near the kitchen anyway because of their sensitive respiratory systems.

Essential oils may be good for us but also potentially very dangerous to pet birds, even potpourri can be an issue pr anything that’s a plug-in.