How Can Animal Assisted Intervention Animals Go Back to Work?


Making Informed Decisions About Animal Assisted Interventions Re-Entry was a webinar hosted with myself, Gail Golab, PhD, DVM, MANZCVS, DACAW, Chief Veterinary Officer, Scientific Affairs and Public Policy at American Veterinary Medical Association and from Pet Partners, moderator Meghan Rothschild, and now available on YouTube.

We discussed how to safely return animal assisted intervention (AAI) programs at hospitals, schools, nursing homes, libraries, etc with animals at this particular time. The information, regarding staying safe, may even pertran to people not in AAI.

Dr. Gobab offered advice and also explained what we know (and don’t know) at this time regarding SARS CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 in companion animals. I do mention the lowland gorillas stricken with COVID-19 at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, but still so few of us have pet gorillas this information isn’t too applicable. I offer advice on returning regarding behavior. Can some animals actually forget that they enjoyed being in these programs? And what about acclimating to those masks, or even understanding people speaking with masks on. These are among the many topics we cover here: