How Dog Show Judges Make Choices


Pet expert Steve Dale talks with dog show judge Peter Green

legendary judge Peter Green

From the National Dog Show presented by Purina, which airs Thanksgiving Day at noon (all time zones). How dog show judges makes choices.

I Spoke to renowned dog show judge Peter Green (who will soon be judging Westminster) and judge Marjorie Martorella.

Dogs are not judged against others in the ring per se, but against breeds of their same written breed standard. So a Burnese Mountain dog isn’t ever compared to a Toy Poodle. That would be wacky.National Dog Show judge

Marjorie says she’s judged dogs so good that you don’t even see the faults. And that first impressions do seem to stick?

But what are judges feeling for around the dog? Hmmmmm….. And what the heck do they expert to find in a dog’s mouth? And are people like the dogs they show?

Bedlington Terreir being judged National Dog Show Presented by Purina

Bedlington Terrier being judged

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