How to Further Enrich Your Cat’s Life So Your Cat Loves You Even More


If you missed this Human Animal Bond Association monthly series of Facebook Live events, here I am speaking with Dr. Liz Bales about enriching cat lives, and why that is so incredibly important.

We begin here: “Do our cats really love us?” And her answer is terrific – explaining so much about how cats think.

What can we provide – more than anything else – aside from food and water – to support what cats not only want but what cats need.

We begin about a discussion about what cats truly are, beginning here – cats are solitary hunters and solitary survivors. They NEED more than what we call enrichment. Places to hide, appropriate places to scratch, litter boxes and litter that are right for that cat, places to hunt small frequent meals. Feeding too much is actually dangerous. How cats eat is arguably more important than what cats eat. Guess how many mice (or other small meals) cats need a day.  Dr. Bales discusses what she has done to support cats to recreate behaviors they require if even they are indoors only, and discusses products she’s created to meet those needs, including the Indoor Hunting Feeder.

Peeing Outside the Litter Box

We talk a bit about why cats sometimes often pee outside the litter because of stress having to with all this.

In fact, there’s a new test from the diagnostic lab Anteth, the first automated test for rapid, reliable urine culture results for cats and dogs. The FIRSTract™ Urine Culture test offers highly sensitive, specific detection of bacteriuria with results in 24 hours. To Dr. Bales point, even veterinarians sometimes assume it’s a urinary tract infection when it’s not. Then prescribe antibiotics (which contributes to antibiotic resistance) which obviously won’t helo. If stress is the issue – hidden issue – the answer is to alleviate that stress.

The Bond

When your needs are met, you are able to further bond. It’s not because we love them any less, it’s because we sometimes don’t know what their needs are. And cats (unlike dogs) aren’t always going to tell us.

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