How You Can Prevent Fleas and Ticks, Today


Don’t wait – stop fleas and ticks right now – or your dog may pay a price (and you too!). He’s known as Dr. Flea, Dr. Michael Dryden, distinguished professor veterinary parasitology Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine says it’s a big mistake to wait. “The ticks are incredibly active.” Listen here to Dr. Dryden on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show.

He loves fleas, Dr. Flea

If you can’t see your veterinarian about this – you can still talk with your vet or with a technician. The products can be home delivered or what’s important isn’t how you get the product, it’s what you choose in the first place.

Dryden says he’s a big fan of the isoxazoline class for flea and tick control.

The Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary quietly put out a Fact Sheet offering concerns about isoxazoline products in May, 2020. With all else gong on in the world, little attention was paid. Still, for the overwhelming majority of pets, there’s unlikely to be any reaction whatsoever.

FDA approved isoxazoline products for fleas and ticks: