Ian Dunbar Joins Steve Dale on WGN Radio


Dr. Ian Dunbar – if there is a dog whisperer, this is the real deal….the guy who helped to begin puppy classes, and founded the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (demonstrating professionalism among dog trainers), and so much more. Listen HERE to my conversation with the legendary Dr. Dunbar from Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio.

We begin by talking about what’s most important, that’s early socialization. Dunbar saves early socialization equates with saving lives, and creating a ‘bomb-proof’ dog.

He doesn’t care so much about baseball as cricket – even if he is on the Cubs radio station.

And listeners have the opportunity to speak with Dr. Dunbar….asking….

– A Labrador who won’t ride with anyone, except the owner

– Poodle goes crazy at the door

– Dog who insists on greeting every other dog on the street

– Bichon Frise lunges at other dogs, especially a dog at the other side of the fence

You can download a FREE copy of Dunbar’s book “Before You Get a Puppy”