Ice-Cream War Winner Announced, Paul Lisnek and Windy City Sweets


with Tracy Elliott, president of Anti Cruelty Society, our dog Hazel and Lisnek at Windy City Sweets

So, what is this ice-cream war with Paul Lisnek at Windy City Sweets all about? How did it all begin? And most important who won? If you missed the outcome, you can HEAR it right here from my afternoon WGN Radio show Steve Dale’s Other World.

So who won? Was it Steve’s banana pudin’ ice-cream or Paul’s peppermint?

The outcome was adjusted to include the ballots Paul accidentally discovered when he slipped on a banana peel.

All three of us will now make a donation to the Anti Cruelty Society,the real ice-cream war winner, John Manchester of Windy City Sweets, I will and so will Lisnek all donate to help homeless dogs and cats..