Illinois Considers Lifting A Ban on Breed Specific Legislation


Illinois State Representative John Bradley wants to take away the right to have the dog of our choice, remove the right to rescue Pit Bulls (saving lives and euthanaisia dollars).

Illinois State Representative John Bradley, who looks like a good guy here and probably is, says on his home page he wants to protect our values. Doesn’t having a dog of our choice fall under that category – allowing Americans to make their own choices

Illinois is one of those lucky states which outlaws breed specific bans – but Rep. Bradley wants to change that. I have no clue about why. 

It’s pretty much been proven that breed bans do not work. This isn’t news. In fact, I recently posted the results of a recent Associated Press/ survey revealing the general pet owning public is opposed to breed bans.

For the record, the AVMA, American Humane Association, HSUS and ASPCA are among the many organizations opposed to BSL

The big International Kennel Club of Chicago Dog Show – one of the largest dog shows in America (which brings in money to the state), features several ‘bully breeds,’ now these dogs would be banned. Yet, to my knowledge, this dog show, which dates back 150 years, has never had an incident with a ‘Pit Bull-type dog.’

Aside from problems including enforcement, and even identifying ‘Bully breeds’…

Gov. Pat Quinn has personally assured me he is opposed to breed bans. This should not be a political issue, however.

Didn’t the Representative and the proponents (not sure how many supporters there are) learn anything from the Michael Vick story? I hope they consider this blog piece (from my newspaper column) about one of the Vick dogs. Many of those ex-Vick dogs have gone on to partake in programs which dogs listen to kids read and help them improve their skills just by being there, or in animal assisted therapy programs. Yes, these amazing dogs, who contribute to society, are Pit Bull-type dogs.

If you live in Illinois, (today) please contact your state representative. And contact Rep. Bradley.

Here’s what I am in favor of: Fair and logical laws which enhance public safety, and include an breed or mix. Generally, dogs (doesn’t matter what breed) are not inherently the problem, though often the people who have these dogs are.