In Defense of Dogs: Markley Misses the Mark


It’s like two countries at war –



A couple of days back, ChicagoNow blogger Stephen Markley posted on why he hates dogs.

Then, of course, I post a response, Barking in Defense of Dogs.

morning – a historic moment, which reader Mr. Brown Thumb called “The
Milk Bone Summit,”  Steve and Stephen meet – I invited Markley on my
WLS Radio Show, Steve Dale’s Pet World. (We’ll archive for those who
missed the historic moment and once posted on the WLS website, I’ll let
you know). Sure, Markley (who calls himself the greatest writer you’ve
never heard of) has a right to his opinion as to why he hates dogs (and
cats, and all other animals, and the list goes on and on – as he is
apparently a curmudgeon in training). But I’m not sure he really
pointed out any real reason, aside from his emotional opinion, and dog
drool as to why dogs are a problem, or even just an explanation which
would explain his dislike for canines.

Hopefully, my post here, and the listeners who phoned in, offered valid points about the attributes and value of dogs which outweigh his — we’ll I’d say lame point, but he really didn’t offer any points. Poor guy, no wonder he hasn’t found love (either from a girl or a canine).

What follows are examples of what dogs can do….

A search & rescue dog on the scene at Ground Zero just after 9/11


Dogs just plain offer an outlet for fun


Dog provide comfort and also companionship for those who are lonely, particularly for seniors.