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Despite sensationalized reports elsewhere, the simple truth is that no one knows how many pets have become ill or died as result of the tainted pet food, while that number may be well into the hundreds or even higher, it may not be. At this time, the number of animals affected is conjecture. Enhancing confusion are the multiple websites being used to report incidents. The FDA is the only official reporting agency if you have cause to believe your pet has become ill or succumbed as a result of tainted pet food.

If you believe your pet has been affected: Save all your veterinary records, save food samples and packaging (if possible). Excellent additional advice is offered by the American Veterinary Medical Association:

Menu Foods recall information, and list of the affected products:

Menu Foods has set up a hotline (though the number doesn’t seem to operate): 866-895-2708.

Dry pet foods and prescription diets are not affected. So-called ‘Super Premium’ foods (available at boutique pet stores and online) are also not affected.

A listing of pet foods not impacted by the recall which can purchased at PETsMART locations (and also further general information):
A listing of cat foods which are safe:

Websites which have credible up to date information that you can count on: