Inside A Pet Store: Why Dogs and Cats Should Not be Sold at Pet Stores


Warning: This video is very difficult to watch, and it is graphic.

I am not suggesting every pet store is like this. However, I know any dog or cat sold at a pet store is NEVER from a responsible breeder. Puppy mills DO depend on auctions, online sales, and pet stores. Removing one of those sources, the pet stores, is the right thing to do. I am fully supportive of laws banning the sales of dogs and cats at pet stores.

Some may call me a “humaniac” because I am posting a video from the Humane Society of the United States. Well, why in the world attack the HSUS (or me), and not attack the pet stores that abuse animals? And, make no doubt about it, this is abuse. No wonder so many animals from pet stores have medical and/or behavior issues. Even if every pet store doesn’t treat animals this way, those animals may arrive ill. And they often arrive as expensive and trendy designer breeds, which are, by definition, “mutts.” And, they’re often sold under false pretenses, not actually being what the store says they are (which is fraud).

Dogs and cats should never be sold at pet stores. Period.

The pet store industry and the American Kennel Club are creating laws that fight the bans on limiting pet store sales, and therefore encouraging what you see in this video. While the HSUS and Best Friends Animal Society have jumped on board and are helpful, it’s the Puppy Mill Project that began this movement quite organically—as ordinary pet lovers are tired of seeing this in America. We complain (perhaps rightfully so) about how companion animals are treated in other countries. How about taking care of our own backyard? Puppy mills are thriving, and this needs to stop.