Insurance Companies Discriminating


On Sunday afternoon’s Steve Dale’s Other World, I talk HERE on WGN radio with State Senator Linda Holmes (42nd District), first about the states with the lowest and the highest tax rates. What do you think is the state with the lowest tax rate and what state do you think has the highest rate?

Fair housing includes fair housing for dogs. About 60 percent of families in the U.S. have at least one dog, but insurance companies aren’t always so dog friendly or consistent.

Bill to Stop Insurance Company Discrimination Based on Breed

Some insurance companies, for example, deny homeowner’s insurance for a breed, say Akitas in one state, for example, Illinois. But in Indiana, the same insurance indicates it’s just fine to have an Akita. How does that make any sense? Are Akitas – or whatever the breed – more dangerous in one state compared to another?  Of course, not. And there’s no data to support these decisions only some sort of breed biased, or individual examples of dangerous dogs that happen to be whatever the breed is. So, now all people with that breed pay more for homeowners insurance or are denied coverage altogether – instead of taking individual dog temperament into account.

Always on the list are dogs you look at and suggest are pit bulls, but in truth, these are nearly always only mixed breed dogs. And dogs called pit bulls are no more likely to bite and no more likely to be dangerous than any other individual dog.

At least two companies are smart enough to have no issue with any breed or mix, State Farm and Farmers Insurance.

If you happen to live in Illinois, please tell your state Senator to support Senate Bill 1672.

Incidentally, Logan Daniel Ryan, free safety for the New York Giants of the National Football League tweeted about this issue.

Sen. Holmes also briefly discusses why no dogs/cats/rabbits should be sold at pet stores.