International Human Animal Bond Day


Exclusive Announcement: November 8 is now International Human Animal Bond Day. Listen HERE to a conversation on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, with Dr. Patrick Flynn, president elect Human Animal Bond Association (HABA) and professional services veterinarian at Zoetis with Dr. Mark Johnston, chairman of trustees Our Special Friends and VP World Small Animal Veterinary Association Foundation explain why this day is so important.  We obviously have a relationship with dogs and cats, but that’s true for all animals on the planet. For example, without bats (who may scarf down like a thousand mosquitoes some nights and are super pollinators) or krill, which are tiny crustaceans which many whale species and many fish rely on for their diets, we’d be overrun by mosquitoes (and diseases they spread) and wouldn’t have tequila (as bats pollinate agave plants and other plants, like coffee), and would not have our selection of wild fish to eat.

Dr. Johnston happens to have two dogs, two cats and thousands of bees and he discusses the importance of bees and the environment, as Dr. Johnson happens to be a beekeeper.

This is about recognizing our interactions with all creatures on the planet!

Also, Dr. Flynn and Dr. Johnston announce the Human Animal Bond Academy, which launches soon for members of HABA or Society for Companion Animal Studies in the UK.

Celebrating Veterinary Technicians

As we slide by National Veterinary Technician Week, frankly here’s a speech about techs (sometimes called veterinary nurses) and their importance.