Is Your Cat Dehydrated?


Here’s a topic not discussed often enough and a question to go with it….Are most of our indoor only cats living day to day dehydrated?  Hear this Steve Dale Merrick Pet Care Petcast with Dr. RuthAnn Lobos, lead veterinarian at Merrick Pet Care.

One one hand, domestic cats – some of them anyway – evolved from wild desert cats, and cats do concentrate their urine. Still, they DO need water, explains Dr. Lobos.

Dr. Lobos offers this fun fact: Cats, on average, require about 20 teaspoons of water per day, but they don’t take in as much water with each sip as a dogs gulp up.

We talk about behavior changes pet parents can make (like adding water dishes and/or changing their locations), and sometimes providing fresh water fountains.  We discuss the number of water dishes needed per number of pets in the house. And cat generally prefer fresh water, no water that’s been sitting for days.

Also, there are new and innovative products like Hydra Care (helps cats consume more liquid and even absorb more water directly into their cells. In a Purina study, cats drinking Hydra Care consumed on average 50 percent more liquid daily), and most of all there’s that never ending discussion about feeding moist vs. dry food.

Dr. Lobos describes a few little tricks, what you can do to discern that maybe your cat is dehydrated.