It’s Contagious, You Are Stressed And Then So Are the Pets


Dr. Marie Hopfensperger

Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Marie Hopfensperger, assistant professor Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine talks about how our pets feel when we feel stressed with the howlidays happening right around the corner.  This may be especially true for pandemic adopted pets who never experienced only a pre-COVID Thanksgiving, she says.

You can mitigate the stress by setting cats especially up with a safe space, perhaps behind a closed door. A sanctuary at least where they have an option to retreat if they so desire.

Supplements, like nutraceuticals or pheromones may assist pets to deal with a lower level anxiety. One example, says Dr. Hopfensperger, is a product called Zylkene,

And can exercise help to relieve anxiety in a directed manner?