It’s HOW You Feed Your Cat that Matters Most


Everyone talks about what we feed our cats, bantering back and forth about a topic worth discussing. However, I’ve suggested for years that what is far more important is how we feed our cats.  Dr. Elizabeth Bales agrees, and explains on the national Steve Dale’s Pet World show.

Dr. Elizabeth Bales

We feed our cats all wrong she says when we leave a bowl of food out and assume they’ll just scarf it all down. It’s important to understand cats don’t eat as we do. That’s, in part, because a cat’s stomach is only about the size of ping pong ball. Another strategy is that we constantly fill the food and assume cats will self-regulate themselves (which most cats do not). Both means of feeding can lead to a variety of problems, most notably obesity(which may lead to diabetes and other medical problems), and various behavior problems.

It’s also just boring to eat this way. Cats are born hunters, needing to seek out their meals. That is why Bales created the Indoor Hunting Feeder. These are three mouse-like objects which cat caretakers can locate in various places around the house and teach the cats to “hunt” for. Inside each mouse-like feeder you can pour the appropriate amount of kibble. Not only is this method better physiologically for cats, it makes life more enriching, giving cats something to do. 

There’s a new free booklet available from the American Association of Feline Practitioners on the same topic, called “How to Feed a Cat.”

When you order the Indoor Hunter Feeder, and type ‘Catswin’ as coupon code, a percent of sales benefits the non-profit Winn Feline Foundation, which raises dollars to support cat health studies. Remember, while what you feed your cat counts, it’s how you feed your cat that matters most – a topic which has been greatly overlooked.