Job Opening: Penguin Counter and Postal Sorter


Searching for a job? Here are the perquisites: You must like cold weather and penguins and have enough organizational skills to sort mail.

Starting date is November, 2024. Location: Port Lockroy, Antarctica.

The job itself is to process and sort through approximately 80,000 pieces of mail, often times send by cruise ship tourists in the summer. Over the winter, for the most part, it’s just you and the penguins.

Speaking of which, some math skills are required since you will be asked to count penguins.

Of course, successful applicants must be tolerant of the significant sounds, sight and also the smell of guano from many thousands of penguins. The birds are your closest neighbors, and actually your only neighbors.

An issue for some may be that the port has no running water so prospective tenants will need to be okay with doing their business in a bucket and only taking showers when passing cruise ships come to deliver food and you’re lucky enough to receive an invite to go on board and use the ship’s facilities. Over the winter, this only very rarely happens. Phone and Internet service is limited. And you will also be asked to perform maintenance tasks in the building where you live, the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust site.

However, you do receive a beautiful view, and the air is as pristine as anywhere else on the planet (well, not counting that odor from thousands of penguins and their guano).

Warm clothing is a necessity as temperatures rarely warm to zero. And wind chills may regularly be below 30 to 40 degrees below zero.

Port Lockroy was one of the nine British military bases created by Winston Churchill during the Second World War. Today, only six of these sites remain. Originally known as Base A, Port Lockroy is the only one that is still in operation.

Only 45 people have held this position since 2006. Maybe you will be next? No word on how much the job pays.