John Landecker and the Big Bang Theory: Fireworks and Pets and Steve Dale


with John Landecker

Talking HERE on WGN Radio with John Landecker about the Fourth the July and what you can do now to help pets to deal with fireworks.  Though the sheer terror some dogs (and cats too) experience is serious, with Landecker the conversation is always fun.

Here are four resources:

Here are last minute tips to help pets deal with fireworks.

Here are tips specific for cats.

Here are three things to NEVER do around the Fourth.

Here’s information from Fear Free Happy Homes

John explained how in a Fear Free manner he is able to pill his dog, and this is something we can all shoot for and mostly achieve. John’s wife (Mrs. Landecker) makes a rare appearance to verify the story or not.

Also, a story of pigeon espionage.