John Landecker, Steve Dale Celebrate Happy Cat Month on WGN


Listen here – it’s a celebration of  Happy Cat Month with myself and John Records Landecker on WGN Radio.

I explain cat allergies, how they occur (having to do with a protein on cat saliva) and a cat food, called Purina ProPlan Live Clear with neutralizes the protein so people aren’t so sneezy and wheezy.

We discuss cat scratch fever.

I reveal good news about feline infectious peritonitis or FIP.  I do explain, in general, what FIP is, and how the EveryCat Health Foundation has funded studies to better understand, and how Remdesivir – the antiviral drug – was discovered to help people with COVID-19 caused by a human coronavirus.  And here are the new American Association of Feline Practitioners and EveryCat 2022 Feline Infectious Peritonitis Diagnosis Guidelines.

And a dog ate Scrabble tiles.