John O’Hurley on WGN Radio: Beverly Hills Dog Show Presented by Purina


I kick off my Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN radio show with John O’Hurley, one half of today’s broadcast team of the Beverly Hills Dog Show presented by Purina, seen today – Easter Sunday – on NBC, 1 PM ET, Noon CT, 10 AM PT.

Listen HERE as O’Hurley tells me why he’s talking to me from the basement of the U.S. Capital.

We talk about all the celebs who will be at the Beverly Hills Dog Show, from Mario Lopez to Maria Menounos to various Olympic athletes like Shaun White to Bo Derrick, and the list goes on and on.

O’Hurley says this dog show has Hollywood pizzaz, this isn’t your “mother’s stodgy dog show.”

If there’s a dog show worth watching – over the past several years – it’s O’Hurley and Dr. Dog Show, David Frei at the microphone. 

Easter Reminders

Easter lilies are toxic to cats and chocolate is dangerous for dogs or cats to eat.

I suggest it is NOT EVER a good idea to impulsively purchase rabbits for Easter. I explain why, and also offer rabbit 101 education.

Answering Your Questions

*How do you help dogs who don’t like car rides? I offer a very detailed description of how behavior modification really do work. However, lowering that anxiety concurrently is still a very good plan. I mention the pheromone product, Adaptil and also a nutritional supplement called Zentrol, and explain how and why they can help too.

*House training a puppy question: For young puppies, understand that always after waking from a nap, first thing in the morning, after eating and after playing – they’ve gotta go. Knowing this and giving the puppy ample opportunity is key. Also, make sure pup is on-leash, so you know that business has been done for certain, and that you can instantly reward with praise and a special wonderful treat.

*Cat screams overnight, why? Please see your veterinarian to rule out a myriad of medical causes, from gastro-intestinal pain to hyperthyroid disease or dental pain to kidney disease, etc. Also, if the cat is old, rule out feline cognitive dysfunction syndrome (which is like Alzheimer’s in cats).