Jon Stewart Breaks Down on the Daily Show Talking About His Dog


Say whatever you want about the Daily Show and Jon Stewart’s political humor but we are all the same when we lose a beloved family member. Here he is, on the Daily Show, raw, after losing a family dog, named Dipper.

In 2015, Stewart and his wife Tracey founded a sanctuary for abused farm animals, a 12-acre farm in Middleton, NJ.

Tracey is known for her work with animals, working as a veterinary technician and  publishing a book about animal rights called Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better.

But it’s not necessarily Stewart’s commitment to animals that caused him to break down. Pet loss is a very tough thing for anyone with a pet. The human animal bond is intense, and even when the time is right, that feeling is never right. Anyone who’s gone through losing a pet – a beloveed family member – can empathize with Stewart and his family.  The Daily Show is taped, Stewart and the production team could have re-shot the segment, or cut it out. However, that was not their choice.